Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Colour Combinations

I think that I may end up wearing the colour combination that I wore today lots this Fall:  Navy and (what would you call it?) rust.  It is an interesting colour combination for me.  I have said this before:  I am not a fan of navy.  I think that, once upon a time, I swore that I wouldn't be caught dead in a navy blue suit.  So what happened to that resolve yesterday?  (Okay, technically, it wasn't a navy blue suit, just navy blue separates worn together.  But, still, it was pretty close to a navy blue suit!)  And, I think that I vowed never to wear brown when I was about ten years old and being dressed in nothing but browns.  Obviously, that vow has gone by the boards.  So with all this apparent hatred of navy and brown, why am I gravitating towards navy and brown.  What is going on?

I have been a busy little beaver this past week and a half, but I am definitely nearing the end of this particular period of busy-ness.  I think that I have learned a bit (if not a lot) during this period, and I am now looking forward to putting what I have learned to practice.  Sometimes, the process of learning is a difficult one.  Sometimes, I wish that I had just known certain things before I started along a certain path.  But that wasn't the case; I had to learn those things along the way.  Perhaps the advantage of learning them along the way was that I learned other things as well.  So, really, I shouldn't regret the way things turned out.  I have no sense that I will be more successful going forward (however success may be defined), but I think that I will definitely be happier.

I am wearing a Zara dress (with a belt taken from a Zara skirt).  My tights are from my sock drawer and my shoes are by Frye.

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