Sunday, September 5, 2010

And The Band Played On ...

It may be that I am looking for it, but retro varsity chic seems to be everywhere.

Everywhere I look, I see plaid skirts, professor cardigans, school boy jackets, varsity jackets, varsity sweaters and school colours, like navy, burgundy and grey.  Penny loafers seem to have made a come back and I have even seen saddle shoes.

A month or so ago I was checking out the Gap online when I came across the jacket that I wore today.  I am not sure whether it was its look, its name or both that made me fall in love with it.  In any event, I was eager for it to arrive in stores.  It arrived about a couple of weeks ago and I scooped it up immediately.

Gap called it a band jacket.  So in keeping with retro varsity chic.

I played flute in band.

I am wearing an old Old Navy long sleeve tshirt layered over an old Old Navy short sleeve tshirt, a Gap jacket, Old Navy jeans and an old Gap belt.  My socks are McGregor and my shoes are Fluevog.  I am carrying an old Seal Line courier bag from MEC.

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