Thursday, September 2, 2010


I didn't leave a lot of time to do today's post.

I got a little carried away, when I got home this evening, trying out Fall outfits.  Although it has been unbelievably hot since Saturday, it is supposed to be cooling down this weekend.  No doubt there will be at least one other hot spell before Fall finally starts settling in, and, if it were the beginning of August, a cool forecast would just have me saying, "Whatever".  But, because it is September, notwithstanding that I know this isn't the end of hot weather, the forecast for cooler weather has caused me to panic.  Hence the urgent trying on of Fall outfits.

For some reason, I wasn't satisfied with anything I tried on (until the very end -- but one outfit does not a transitioning-into-Fall wardrobe make), which caused even more panic.

Eventually I gave up trying out Fall outfits.  If I hadn't have stopped, I would have been at it all night.  I am not entirely sure why I did stop.  Perhaps, when I finally came upon one half decent Fall outfit, I decided to quit while I was ahead.  Or, perhaps, I realized that panic wasn't conducive to creativity, at least for me, and I wasn't going to come up with too many successful Fall outfits this evening.

I really need to figure this out!  I do not (repeat, do not) want to spend the time transitioning into Fall being unhappy with my outfits.  Aaaack!

Maybe if I just relaxed and stopped fretting things would come more easily ... hmmm ... there are those two outfits that I put together a couple of weeks ago ... I was happy with those ... they might work ... hmmmm ... .

I am wearing an old Zara sweater, a vintage blouse (from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy) and an H&M skirt.  I am carrying an old Jeanne Lottie purse.  My socks are Hue and my boots are Frye.

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