Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Young Reader

Writing about Nancy Drew yesterday got me thinking about another vintage young reader series that I grew up reading: the Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton.  This series consisted of six books, written between 1946 and 1951, about ... boarding school.  It's probably no wonder, if I grew up reading Nancy Drew and books about boarding school, that I revert to a school girl/school marm inspired wardrobe every once in a while.  I will admit, though, that as between the Malory Towers books and Nancy Drew, ever since yesterday, I can't get Nancy Drew out of my mind.

This is my second week of doing something interesting (well at least interesting for me) with getting dressed.  What I have been doing is this:  On the weekend, I have been picking out six outfits for the coming work week.  I don't fix which outfit I will wear each day of the work week, I just pick out six outfits.  Then, each day during the week, I select something to wear from among the six outfits.  This way of getting dressed during the work week worked well last week and this week, so far, it is also working out well.  Why six outfits instead of five outfits, when there are only five days in a work week?  I guess I need a "cushion", so that I don't feel too limited.

I am not sure if today was an anomaly or if it was the beginning of the end of Summer.  What was different about today than previous days this Summer?  It was cool enough this morning to wear a sweater.  It warmed up enough by midday so that the sweater was no longer needed.  But, early this morning, I needed the sweater.

sweater: H&M, mens, from my closet
blouse: vintage, from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy
jumper dress: vintage, from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy
socks: Hue
shoes: Frye
bag:  H&M, from my accessories collection

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