Monday, August 9, 2010

Tasting Autumn While Staying Firmly Rooted In Summer

I bought the dress that I wore today last week, on a whim.  I think, although I am not certain, that it is part of the first of the early portion of Zara's Fall collection (we're talking early, early, early, early Fall).

What about the prohibition against buying new things?  I have not forgotten it.  I am actually targetting September 1 as the start date for the prohibition.  And I am not going to try to pack in as much buying this month as I can before the prohibition kicks in (although what a tempting thought).  I am just going to "act normally" this month.

There is a story behind the jacket that I wore today.  Not a riveting tale, nothing to get excited about, just a simple tale.  I bought it at a Zellers, which probably classes as a low-end department store.  That's the story.  The moral of the story is that nice things are everywhere and not so nice things are everywhere as well.  There is no difference in this regard between the so-called low-end and the so-called high-end store.  I love that.  And I love looking everywhere for the nice things.  (As an aside, I bought the jacket at a Zellers in a small town well away from my home city.  I really do love shopping everywhere!)

jacket: Zellers
dress: Zara
socks: Hue, from Macys
boots: Frye
bag: H&M

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