Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Has Returned

I am getting my wish for some more hot Summer days.

First of all, I have to say that my wish coming true is quite surprising to me.  My wishes rarely, if ever, come true.  Of course, it could be someone else's wish coming true.  I can't imagine that I was the only one lamenting the end of Summer.  I may just be getting the benefit of someone else's wish coming true.  However, the banal reality is most likely that the "return" of Summer is no one's wish coming true.  It's just what it is.  In any event, my wish wasn't so much for the return of Summer as for the opportunity to wear some more Summer outfits before I had to wear any Fall outfits.

Speaking of Fall outfits, on my way home yesterday, I passed by a window display of Fall clothing that I hadn't seen yet.  I actually stopped and looked at it.  Now this may be because the stores were already closed and there weren't many people about, so I felt comfortable gawking at a window display.  I usually glance at window displays while walking past them.  I rarely (if ever) stop to look at, much less examine, them.  I was so taken by the clothes (and maybe more so by the colours of the clothes -- drab olive green) in the display.  My first thought was how hard it was going to be not to shop for new clothes.  I then forced myself to look at the display more critically.  Yes the clothes and the styling were nice, but, really, most of the clothes, and a good deal of the styling, weren't up my alley.  And, if I wanted to recreate some of the looks in a way that was up my alley, didn't I already have most of the necessary clothes in my closet (I certainly have a lot of drab olive green Fall/Winter clothes).  Finally, and here I will admit to being slightly mischievious, wasn't there still online and vintage/thrift shopping left, for those pieces of clothing needed to recreate some of the looks that weren't in my closet?

I am wearing a Zara sweater taken from my closet.  My dress is vintage, purchased from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy.  My pin is from Trove.  My socks came from my sock drawer and my boots are Frye. My bag is from H&M.

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