Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monochromatic Neutral

Some occasions, some outings, I seem to have a hard time dressing for.  And the more worked up I get about finding the perfect thing to wear for the occasion or outing, the harder it is to get dressed for the occasion or outing.  And, with certain occasions or outings, I can never seem to get it right, no matter how many times I try it.

Right now, I have one particular outing in mind, what I affectionately call "going to the fair".  One of my very good friends and I have been doing this -- going to the fair, that is -- for many years now.  Yet, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that, in my estimation, I have dressed well for this outing.  My very good friend and I went to the fair yesterday.  Suffice it to say, I failed to dress well for the outing yet another time.

Today, I am thinking that my dissatisfaction with what I wore yesterday may have less to do with the actual outfit than with my hair.  Long ago I learned that when I am unhappy about my hair, I am unhappy about my clothes.  Yesterday, for the first time since I got my hair "done" last, my "hair failed me".  Within minutes of my styling it for the day, my "hairdo" flopped, just like a souffle does when you can't make a souffle.  I then became slightly obsessed (I would say) with how bad my hair looked, which ultimately translated into thinking about how bad I looked in general.

Of course, for my bad hair to have turned an outfit into a bad outfit, the outfit could not have been a favourite (or even a semi-favourite) to begin with.  How do I know this?  Because my hair flopped again today, yet I didn't loathe today's outfit as I loathed yesterday's.

As an aside, my hair flopping two days in a row is usually a sign that it has reached another stage in its growth process.  If my aim is to grow it out, I have to ride out some days or weeks of hating how my hair looks (and, by extension, how I look).  If my aim isn't to grow it out, it's time to get a haircut!

coat: H&M, from my closet
shirt/blouse: Urban Outfitters
sweater vest: American Apparel
skirt: Anthropologie, from my closet
socks: American Apparel
boots: Hunter, from my closet
bag: ?, purchased at the One of a Kind Show and Sale
pin: ?, purchased at the fair

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