Friday, August 13, 2010

Jumping Ship

I don't get it.  If I were fortunate enough to have even just a handful of those opportunities, particularly if I had set myself up to receive them, and I professed such passion for the work, how could I walk away?  But every time I turn around, someone is walking away.  I know that it is easier to judge from the outside looking in, but ... I just don't get it.

I am learning.  I have said this before:  I know what I feel comfortable in and what I don't feel comfortable in.  Sometimes, though, I forget.  I get overly zealous with regards to trends.  Instead of taking the time to figure out how a trend might work for me, I just leap in and try it along the lines of everyone else.  I am happy in the moment.  But this happiness isn't lasting happiness.  It is a momentary high:  Yay, I am being trendy!  It's funny.  I can make decisions about huge things in a blink of an eye and never have regrets.  But decisions about little things, and I count what I choose to wear every day as a little thing, seem to require a lot of thinking through if I don't want to have regrets.  Getting dressed is like a living, breathing thing that requires constant attention and nurturing and looking after.  Or maybe that's just me!

I have been talking a lot lately about dress rehearsals.  On occasion, I mention how sometimes I "hit a jackpot" without any forethought.  Today was one of those days.

I think that one can never have too much plaid/tartan clothing or too many flannel shirts.  I bought the shirt that I wore today yesterday at Urban Outfitters.  I love this "line of clothing".  All the clothing is discarded clothing that has been remade.  In the case of this shirt, it was a men's shirt, but has been remade into a ladies' blouse.  I love the shirt so much that, today, I went back and bought two more.  Both are plaid shirts/blouses.  One is a flannel shirt/blouse.  I just know that I will be wearing them a lot, if not right away, certainly come Fall.

I am not sure whether it is the return of glasses into my wardrobe, but I feel as if things are shifting slighty for me stylewise.  I sense that I am merging some of my clothing characters into one.  I am interested in seeing how things will develop.

sweater: Zara, from my closet
shirt/blouse: Urban Outfitters
jumper dress: ?, from my closet
socks: Hue
boots: Frye
bag: H&M

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