Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

What is wrong with the following statement: I didn't end up wearing today what, yesterday, I had planned on wearing today?

What is wrong with the statement is the "planned on" bit.  I should know better.  I can never plan things so exactly and then have the plans seen through.  Loose planning -- like here are six possible outfits for the next work week -- seems to work out fine.  But exact planning -- like I will wear this exact outfit on this exact day -- does not work out ... ever.

Why doesn't exact planning work out?  Who really knows.  But I can guess that it might have something to do with the fact that my clothing choices are all tied up with moods, feelings, emotions (mine) and the mood that I am in when I plan something won't necessarily be the mood that I will be in when it comes time to executing the plan.

On another note, I am certainly getting a lot of wear out of the sweater vest that I wore today.  I am almost embarrassed to note how often I have worn it, just this week if not since I first acquired it.  All I can say is that I love vests in general (although I seem to especially love this one) and vests are the perfect thing to wear when it is too chilly to just wear a blouse/shirt (or, as in today's case, a dress) on its own but too warm to wear a sweater.  I guess short sleeve sweaters work the same way.  I have sported one of those on several occasions as well (although not on as many occasions as I have sported this sweater vest).

dress: vintage, from Leproust Vintage on Etsy (now defunct I believe)
sweater vest: American Apparel
pin: from the fair (that I went to this past Saturday)
socks: Hue
boots: Fluevog, from my closet
bag: ?, from the One of Kind Craft Show and Sale

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