Sunday, July 4, 2010

White Hot

My home city is at the start of several days of hot weather.  The temperatures will be in the 30s (celsius), with humidex values in the 40s.  Perfect weather, I would say, for Summer dresses, like the one that I wore today.  Sadly, at least for the next five days, I will spend the better part of my day in a freezer, that is, my overly air-conditioned office.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for air conditioning.  I just don't understand why it is necessary to put it up so high.  We (and by "we" I mean me and everyone else who lives in my home city) spend at least half a year with freezing cold weather and complain about it.  So why is it that when Summer finally arrives, everyone but me it seems just wants to sit inside in freezing cold insides!  I just don't get it.  In any event, thanks to air conditioning, I will have to cover up any Summer frock that I may don in the next five days with jackets and/or sweaters.

Moving on to lovelier topics, maybe because of my recent haircut, I was inspired today to create some characters for purposes of getting dressed this week (and perhaps throughout the Summer).  One of these characters I have named "Summer School Girl".  I know that I have mentioned that my outfits are usually theme based.  Today, it occurred to me that it isn't so much themes that drive what I put on as characters that I create.  These characters aren't me, but individuals that I create to inspire me.  The "Summer School Girl" is a girl who, for one reason or another, attends Summer school.  I am thinking of Enid from Ghost World.  A school girl wardrobe is typically a Fall wardrobe, but "Summer School Girl" "Summerizes" the wardrobe, by incorporating only some elements of the wardrobe into her outfits (like crisp white shirts, oxford shoes, school jacket and pleated skirts), by playing with the typical colours of a school girl wardrobe (like navy, grey and black) and by using the typical clothes (for example, pleated skirts, pinafores) in lighter fabrics (cottons instead of wools).

Another character that I have created I have named "Summer Camp Girl".  When I think of "Summer Camp Girl", I am not thinking of real camping as it would occur today.  I am romanticizing camping.  I am thinking Out of Africa, when Meryl Streep's character accompanies Robert Redford's character on a trek to bring supplies (I think) to her husband.  There were tables and chairs, china and table linens, cots, bed linens and wash basins and full on dressing for dinner.  "Summer Camp Girl" is all about linens and light cottons in white or light earth tones, easy to wear, comfortable, flow-y clothing and, occasionally, when she tires of looking too girl-y, borrowing her male companions' chinos, jeans, shirts and boots.  She loves nature, but also luxury.  It's fun to create characters, n'est ce pas?

dress: See by Chloe, from an off-price store
shoes: DKNY, from my closet
hat: H&M

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