Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sometimes Planning Doesn't Work

I'm in quite the fog.  Maybe I brought some (fog, that is) back with me ... from San Francisco, where I was this past week.  (Although I only recall two mornings of fog during my visit there -- the first about midway through my visit and the second on the day that I left.  Perhaps that was enough.)

Before I went on my trip, I had made all these plans about what I was going to wear.  In making my plans, I did factor in cooler weather.  And, truth be told, I could have followed through with my plans and worn what I had planned on wearing.  But I didn't.  After wearing one of the outfits that I had planned on wearing (the Sally Jane Vintage green dress) on my first day in San Francisco, I pretty much chucked all my planned outfits (figuratively, not literally -- they all came back with me).  There were a couple of reasons for this.  First, I guess I had forgotten how cold 56 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit actually feels.  And, second, logistics: it was easier to wear what I ended up wearing given the circumstances that I found myself in.  So, here is an example of what I wore for the better part of the week, switching around the sweatpants, tshirt (I had to add to what I took) and scarf:

When I wasn't wearing this uniform, I wore what I bought in San Francisco (yes, amazingly, I went shopping).  This consisted of boyfriend jeans, a long sleeve tshirt, a boyfriend shirt, the grandpa sweater pictured above and my gray and white large gingham scarf.  I "feminized" the outfit with socks and sandals (yes, I am saying this tongue in cheek).  Is is no wonder that I got many looks and that I got asked where I was from?  I must have looked very strange indeed!  But, no matter, I was comfortable and warm!  (Sadly, I have no pictures of this look of mine.  But, today's outfit isn't too far off the mark.)  I did learn one (hopefully enduring) thing from this trip (on top of my earlier trip to NYC -- remember how I wanted to wear skinny jeans and a shrunken white tshirt the moment I landed in NYC):  Whatever else I may take with me on any future trip, I will always bring a pair of jeans (or two).  It seems jeans can always be made to work no matter where you are!

Re today's outfit: Is it wrong to copy JCrew styling?  Isn't copying meant?  I realize buying all the JCrew pieces that make up the entire outfit is meant.  But isn't buying at least some of the pieces good enough JCrew?

hat: JCrew
shirt: JCrew
shorts: Old Navy, mens
belt: Gap, from my accessories collection
socks: Hue
shoes: David Dixon for Town Shoes

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