Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed ...

Here is a confession:  Sometimes I do dress rehearsals with outfits.  Perhaps a bit over the top, but it's also fun.  And, isn't it a good idea to try on the "new" things that you bring into your wardrobe, in case you want to return them?

But I don't always do dress rehearsals.  Sometimes an outfit comes together quickly.  I like the outfit the moment I put it on and I still like it when I think about it some time later.  Other times, I put an outfit together without a dress rehearsal and while I like it when I put it on, by the next day, if not by the end of the day on which I wear the outfit, I am less pleased with the outfit.  When this occurs, I usually need to rework the outfit to something that has lasting appeal to me.  If at first I don't succeed, I will try again!

Sometimes I know what will work for me, but I either forget it or, for reasons I can't articulate, I choose to ignore what I know.  Here is an example:  I rarely (and I mean very rarely) wear belts that come with a skirt, dress, pants, etc.  Why?  Because these belts are usually fabric belts and I have yet to figure out how to make these work for me.  I prefer leather (mock or otherwise) belts.  Sometimes I decide to try the matching belts.  I have yet to be finally happy with the results.

So why am I telling these stories?  Because something that I wore today I wore before, but in a way that did not satisfy me.  I feel much better now.

dress: Anthropologie
belt: H&M, from my accessories collection
vest: Gap
sweater: Lucky Brand, from my closet
socks: ?, from my sock drawer
boots: Fluevog, from my closet
bag: H&M, from my accessories collection

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