Friday, June 18, 2010

A Garden Of Orange

This is a favourite outfit from last year.  Taking apart the outfit, the dress came to me first, followed by the coat.  The purse came last.  I am not sure at what point in time the shoes showed up.  Separately, all were beloved pieces in my wardrobe, but when they came together, there was music in the air.  Of course, as time has passed, the music seems to have gotten faint.

The months that are quickly approaching (July and August) are interesting months from a clothes shopping point of view.  A part of me usually finds these months frustrating.  It is finally hot enough to wear the clothes that have been in the stores since early Spring.  But, because so many people are not procrastinating shoppers, like I am, if I haven't bought these clothes by now, my chances of finding what I want in my size are slim.  I am finally ready to buy new Summer clothes but can't find any new Summer clothes to buy.  Another part of me relishes the months of July and August.  Summer sales are usually in full swing.  So, if I am patient and persistent, I can find new Summer clothes at bargain prices.  Some stores are already starting their sales.  So, I am starting to taste the good and bad of the upcoming months.

dress: H&M, from my closet
coat: H&M, from my closet
shoes: Gap, from my closet
purse: JCrew, from my closet

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