Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From My Closet

I have decided that I am tired of using the word "old" in connection with my clothing.  I don't have anything against the word "old" or against anything "old".  I just want to start using a different word or phrase.  When I use the word "old", in relation to a piece of my clothing, I mean simply that I didn't purchase it in (or for) the current "season" (see below for my definition of "season").  The word "old" usually signifies that the clothing was purchased, made its way into my closet, at least two "seasons" ago (again, see below for my definition of "season").  Instead of using the word "old", I have decided to use the phrase "from my closet".  And, today being the first of the month, what better time to start using the phrase "from my closet" than today.  (For the purposes of identifying when clothing is purchased, I divide the year into two "seasons" -- Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer -- tracking the fashion industry's seasons (how clever am I).)

For me, one of the downsides of Summer weather is that, more often than not, I still have to lug around a sweater with me.  The reason for this is that I have to spend the better part of every weekday in a heavily air conditioned environment.  Without a sweater, I would become cold very fast.  I try to get outside as often as possible when I am cooped up in an air conditioned environment, but it isn't often enough for me not to have a "sweater safety net".

blouse: Gap, from my closet
jumper: Old Navy, from my closet
sweater: Gap, from my closet
socks: Hue
shoes: Fleuvog
pin: ?

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