Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Excitement In The Air

It is amazing how little it takes to get me excited about Fall clothes and looking forward to Fall clothes.  Take Summer sales, for example.  While I like Summer sales in themselves, I also like them because they mean that the stores are clearing out their Summer inventory in preparation for the delivery of Autumn stock, which means that Autumn clothes are on their way.  The excitement just starts bubbling up inside of me.

Speaking of Summer sales, I purchased some awesome (at least in my opinion) sandals yesterday.  Although they are technically Summer sandals, when I bought them I had no intention of wearing them as Summer sandals.  I wanted to wear them as Fall shoes and I was excited about wearing them as Fall shoes.

I guess I was a little too excited about wearing my new shoes, because I couldn't wait until Fall.  As soon as I found out how chilly it was going to be today (not Fall chilly but Summer chilly), I decided that today was a great day to debut my shoes to the world.

As an aside, the skirt that I wore today was also a Summer sale find.

Jacket: JCrew, from my closet
blouse: H&M, from my closet
skirt: Zara
socks: ?, from my sock drawer
shoes: David Dixon for Town Shoes
belt: from an off-price store


Fashion Cents said...

I feel ya on the autumn thing! autumn is my favorite for fashion, nature, back to school, media, pretty much everything lol. again, love your plaid skirt!

keep in touch :)

Wardrobe Tales said...

Thanks Fashion Cents! It is always great to meet (even virtually) another person who loves Fall!