Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A little bit of hope?  Sadly, a light has gone out, so I don't really believe that there may be hope.

What I wore today was a last minute substitution for a substitution.  What I am trying to say was that I scrapped what I had planned on wearing today and and what I had thought might work instead of what I had planned on wearing.  What I ended up wearing was literally thrown on minutes before I left the house.  When I had a moment to think about today's outfit, what came to me was: doves, peace and freedom.  A stark contrast to what is going on around me.  Preparations for the G20 and, today, an earthquake (the second one that I have experienced in my life).  Soft and hard.  Quiet and noise.

dress: ?, from my closet
sandals: Birkenstock, from my closet
scarf: JCrew

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Nita Rustanti said...

I like your fashion style, so inspiring me.. but unfortunetly.. I can't sew :'(