Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Country Dress

I wanted to wear Susan Harris's "Country Dress" (again), so I did.  (See when I wore the dress before.)  Someone who saw the dress today remarked that some of the embroidery on the dress reminded them of the pillowcases at their cottage.  I quipped that the material with the embroidery just might be the pillowcases at their cottage.  They thought that that was neat.  I think it's neat too.  I love this dress!

I think that today was a pouffy dress day for me.  There were really only two things that I truly wanted to wear today.  One of these was Susan Harris's "Country Dress".  The other was Bunny and Pear's bustle skirt.  I opted for the "Country Dress" because I was going to work today and work is a conservative affair.  The word "conservative" probably doesn't really apply to the "Country Dress", but, in my mind, the "Country Dress" is more conservative than the bustle skirt.

dress: Susan Harris Design
blouse: vintage (from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy)
pin on blouse: ?, from my jewelry box
jacket: Club Monaco, from my closet
flower pin on jacket: H&M, from my accessories drawer
socks: American Apparel
boots: Joe Fresh Style

P.S.:  I hit 100 today!  Hooray!  As soon as I figure out how to mark the occasion, I will mark it!

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