Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stylist's Block?

If the inability to string together a sentence is called writer's block, what is the inability to string together an outfit called?  Stylist's block?  Whatever it's called, I have it.  And, I am blaming Tuesday for it.  The process of figuring out what to wear this morning was absolute torture.  And, for all the trials and tribulations that I endured this morning, I can't even say that I am happy with the result.  What I ended up wearing today was just okay.  Thinking further about my experience today, I wonder whether such experiences come from my not having a good sense of what my style is?

jacket: Eddie Bauer, last season
scarf: ?
hat: Banana Republic, old
blouse: Gap, old
dress: H&M, old
leggings: American Apparel, old
socks: ?
boots: Aigle (from JCrew)

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