Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sometimes it Helps to Like Fall

To get over the hump of figuring out what to wear today, given that it was unseasonably chilly outside (there is a frost warning in effect for tonight), I tapped into my love for Fall.  Without any doubt, Fall is my favourite time of year, for many reasons, not the least of which is Fall clothes.  So, when I heard how cold it was going to be today, instead of hanging on to Spring, I put it aside for the moment and looked to the Fall.  From there on, it was fairly easy to put an outfit together.

It may not be apparent from the photos, but there is one significant difference between the first set of photos and the second:  In the first set of photos, I am wearing a jacket underneath the cape.  Miraculously, this is the first time that it occurred to me to wear a woolen cape over a jacket.  I adore capes, but have been finding it hard to wear them with the weather being what it is where I live: It is either too warm or too cold to wear a woolen cape on its own, and woolen capes are impossible to fit under coats.  I had seen photos of people wearing woolen capes over jackets, but never really thought about trying it for myself.  Until today. I did recently purchase a tweed cape, with the thought of layering it over woolen capes.  But, having now experimented with a woolen cape over a jacket, I am not entirely sure that I want to layer one cape over another.  Of course, I will have to wait for the real Fall to arrive before figuring that one out.  As cold as it might have been today, I couldn't imagine wearing heavy tweeds and wools except in the Fall.

jacket: Eddie Bauer, last season
scarf: H&M, last season
gloves: ?
sweater dress: Zara, last season
cape: Esprit, last season
leggings: Old Navy, old
socks: H&M, old
boots: Hunter

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