Friday, May 28, 2010

NYC and Wellies

It feels strange writing about my clothes again after a week away from doing so.  I have been in New York City and it just wasn't possible to document what I wore while I was in NYC.  In hindsight, it might have been interesting to have done so, but it really would have been just too much.  For the most part, the outfits that I wore while in NYC were "rewears".  I did this deliberately.  I wanted to be confident in my dress (and otherwise) while in NYC.  Experimentation would have been too risky.  Getting dressed for NYC is tough for me.  I have all these ideas about how I should look while in NYC.  I think that I should look "sophisticated" and "street savvy".  But I just don't do "sophisticated" very well; I am too much of a casual girl.  And I have yet to find a street in which I feel like I belong, let alone in which I can be savvy.  Being in NYC really makes me examine the "dressed up me" that I present to the world.  Maybe it's the sheer number of people in NYC.  Or maybe it's that, whenever I am in NYC, I seem to be there to do things that are far removed from fashion.  In any event, here is one observation:  I saw precious few people wearing wellies in NYC.

dress: Club Monaco, old
sweater: Banana Republic, old
leggings: American Apparel, old
socks: American Apparel
boots: Aigle (from JCrew)
pin: ?

(PS: The outfit in today's photos is what I wore while travelling to NYC.)

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