Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Don't Know It All

I admit to not being familiar with all the designers in the world and all their collections.  Sometimes I continue to be inspired by a particular designer's look long after its first showing.  When this occurs, not all the time can I remember when the look was first shown, and, sometimes, I can't even remember whose look it was.  (The exception to this lack of memory is when I note down the designer of and the collection in which the look appeared when I file it away in my inspiration book.  This doesn't occur too often, as my inspiration book is all about visuals.)  Not remembering the name of the designer of and the collection in which a look appeared is the case with the inspiration look behind today's outfit.  After some digging (luckily, not too much), I located the inspiration:  it is James Coviello's 2005 Fall/Winter ready-to-wear collection.  I looked up James Coviello and found out that he is based in New York City.  How odd that so soon after returning from NYC I turn -- and seemingly unconsciously at that -- to a NYC based designer for inspiration.  I have worn today's outfit in the Fall (truer to the inspiration collection), with a sweater layered over it.  Here is the Fall outfit:

But, let's get back to now, which, technically, is Spring, but feels remarkably like Summer.  The temperature today was 31 degrees celsius!  How lovely finally to be able to wear nothing more than a summer frock and to go bare legged!  I love how the sun feels on my skin!

dress: Gap, old
scarf: ?
shoes: ?
sweater: Smart Set, old

PS: I went down to the Fluevog store today to try on those shoes that I saw on the Fluevog website yesterday.  I couldn't believe it when I found out that the shoes had not yet arrived in the store.  This hasn't happened to me before.  In any event, the shoes are due in some time this week.  So I will have to wait awhile longer before I can try them on and see if they are for me.

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