Monday, April 5, 2010

Planning for a "Funk Day"

I am sure that this is something that some people must do: set aside or plan outfits to wear when they are in a funk but cannot stay in bed with the covers over their head.  Sadly (ha, ha), this is not something that I have ever consciously done, even though being in a funk is not an unknown state to me.  Sadly (again, ha, ha), this lack of planning cannot be attributed to my being an optimist (that is, to any belief on my part that, once I have gotten over being in a state of funk, I will never be there again).  Obviously, I am not a pessimist, because, if I were, I am sure that I would have planned for one or more "funk days".  Whatever the reason for not planning, I have no plans for dressing for "funk days".  So, occasionally, I find myself in the predicament that I found myself in today:  I am in a funk, I can't stay at home in my sweats or pjs, I have to go out and look presentable, what on earth do I wear?  Well, although it was hard to document today's outfit, not because I didn't like it, but because I didn't want my sad face to be photographed, I did record the outfit.  Oddly (perhaps) I chose to wear something that I had only recently purchased and hadn't worn yet -- the jumper.  This could have been courting disaster.  However, the better part of my outfit was curiously made up of "comfort pieces":  a jean jacket, a gingham shirt and my "old favourites" (my cowboy-style ankle boots), all of which I have had for ages.  Maybe some unconscious planning for funk days has been going on!

jean jacket: Gap, old
scarf: Gap, last season
shirt: Gap, old
jumper: vintage (from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy)
tights: ?
boots: Aldo, old

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