Monday, April 26, 2010

An Old Outfit (and Androgyny)

My weekend was jam-packed with activities.  The result was that I was incredibly tired when I got up this morning and I wasn't entirely up to the task of being creative in my dress.  I wanted to take an old outfit (an outfit from my pre-blog days) and make it a little more Western than it had originally been, but nothing really worked.  So, instead of wearing an experiment and being completely unhappy with it, which was what I was sensing was going to happen, I opted to just rewear the old outfit in its original state.  The outfit comes from a time when I was heavily into 60s looks.  It was inspired by the Fall/Winter 2005 Paul Smith Women ready-to-wear collection.

Lately, I have found myself checking out what men on the street are wearing more than what women on the street are wearing.  More and more, women seem to be settling for a uniform of one sort or another (head-to-toe black; yoga clothes).  I, too, revert to a uniform at times.  Men, on the other hand, seem to be experimenting more.  I am not passing judgment on anyone here.  I am simply presenting my experience.  I look at how people on the street dress as a source of inspiration.  At the moment, men are providing me with more inspiration than women.  It's probably a good thing that I am attracted to androgynous looks.

coat: Banana Republic, old
scarf: ?
shirt: Gap, old
sweater: Benetton, old
skirt: Old Navy, old
belt: Gap, old
tights: American Apparel, old
shoes: Zara, old

Here is the Paul Smith Women look that inspired today's outfit:

Paul Smith Women image from

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