Thursday, April 15, 2010

The New Brocade Coat and (Finally) the Lavender Outfit

Just because I could, I wore the "new" brocade coat that, yesterday, I noticed that I hadn't yet worn since I acquired it.  I purchased the coat near the end of this past Fall, by which time it was too cold, for me at least, to wear it.  So it just sat around, clearly under my radar, until yesterday.  I am glad that I spotted it yesterday.  If the weather forecast can be trusted, I should be able to wear it a couple more times (at least) before Summer weather sets it.  With that opportunity for time on my back, it could become a new favourite, particularly given my love for coats in brocade.

Nearly two weeks ago tomorrow, I first wanted to wear today's lavender outfit.  I didn't wear it at the time because it was a monthly colour challenge day and I was "obliged" to wear the month's colour (blue).  I thought of wearing the lavender outfit at least a couple of times since, but one thing or another prohibited me from doing so.  I do feel a sense of relief now that I have worn it.  It is almost as if the outfit was weighing on my mind and, now that I have worn it, I can forget it, let it go and move on to conceiving other outfits.

coat:  Beebop and Wally, last season
scarf: ?
dress: Pure by Alfred Sung for Zellers
sweater vest: Zara, old
tights: ?
boots: Fluevog
pin: ?

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