Friday, April 2, 2010

Monthly Colour Challenge: Something Old, Something Blue

Today's post had a few titles, starting with "Something Old, Something New, Something Blue", moving to "Oh What I Could Do With an Hour", finally ending with "Something Old, Something Blue".  Each title had a corresponding wardrobe tale.  To tell all the tales would take too much time, so I will only tell the tale that goes with the title that I finally went with (plus a little something at the end from the other tales).

When I woke up this morning, I immediately thought of an outfit to wear.  Not surprisingly, it was a purple outfit (really, a lavender outfit).  Then I realized that it was the first Friday in April.  I didn't say this yesterday, but when I first conceived of the monthly colour challenge, my intent was to make Friday the day of the week on which I would wear the monthly colour.  There was no good reason to pick Friday, other than it was two Fridays on which I had worn the March colour and had made the connection between the colour of my outfit and the colour of the monthly transit pass.  I did want to pick a particular day, though, because if I were to take up the challenge, I didn't want to be able to complete it in the first five (or four) days of the month.  So, it was Friday and I had taken up the monthly colour challenge.  The lavender outfit would have to wait.  I should be wearing a blue outfit.

Once I accepted that I should be wearing a blue outfit, I had to come up with a blue outfit.  The only blue outfit that I wanted to wear, that I knew I would feel good in, was an outfit that I had worn not too long ago.  So, should I wear it again?  After about three seconds, I had my answer.  Why not?  I did change the outfit a teensy tiny bit.  I put on navy blue socks and a blue/white check scarf.

There it is:  Something old, something blue.

Now, the little bit from the other tales:  Doing the colour challenge today made me wonder this:  How much of another colour could I wear before I could no longer call an outfit a blue outfit?  I know that I could probably do some "real experimentation" and find out, but, for the moment, I think that I am happy just comtemplating the matter.

coat: H&M, old
scarf: Gap, old
jumper: H&M, old
shirt: TNT, last season
leggings: American Apparel, old
socks: ?
boots: Frye (from Get Outside)

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