Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Short Is Too Short ... And Other Random Thoughts

I have a few thoughts on fashion and style today, none of which flow from each other.  So, I am presenting them as the random thoughts that they are.

Random Thought Number One:  I wore the same sweater today that I wore on Sunday.  Two wearings of the same sweater taught me (what I already knew) that some sweaters, like this sweater, don't fit inside of coats.  They (the sweaters) have sleeves that are too voluminous for the sleeves of coats.  These sweaters (and this includes the sweater that I wore today and on Sunday) would probably fit better inside a cape.  Sadly, though, the one cape that I own was too Winter-y to wear today.

Random Thought Number Two:  How short is too short?  Wearing short skirts and dresses is not foreign to me.  I can point to numerous examples of me wearing short skirts and dresses, the most recent being the past three days.  I am very comfortable wearing short skirts and dresses ... but only if I am wearing tights or leggings with the short skirts and dresses.  I am less comfortable wearing short skirts and dresses with bare legs.  I know that this is because I don't think that my legs look so great when they aren't encased in tights or leggings.  But, I wonder whether, deep down, I think that I should not wear short skirts with bare legs because I am no longer a teenager.  So is there an age past which a length is too short?  What is that age and how short is too short?  I recall some time back a controversy arising from a photo of Yoko Ono, well into her 60s at the time, wearing short shorts (if I recall correctly, the shorts were described as "hot pants").  The controversy was whether a woman in her 60s was too old to wear such shorts.  A view emerged that if a woman "had the legs", she could wear shorts regardless of her age.  I don't disagree with this view, but who determines if a woman "has the legs"?  I know that I am wading into some dangerous territory here.  I certainly don't have any answers.  So, instead of going any further along this dangerous path, let me just say that Random Thought Number Two occurred to me because I purchased a short skirt today (it hits mid thigh) that I am not sure I will feel comfortable wearing (it is a Summer skirt, so requires bare legs).  I purchased the skirt because I was drawn to its fabric (the fabric is a floral print camouflage).  I want to wear it and I have even settled on what I would wear it with, but ... is it too short?

Random Thought Number Three:  The sweater that I wore today came in three shades (black, grey and natural).  I have mentioned how I have a tendency to buy "one in every colour" and how I have been trying to break this habit.  When I purchased today's sweater in black, I deliberately refused to allow myself to buy it in grey and natural, because I was really working on breaking the habit of buying "one in every colour".  I have been asked whether I ever regretted buying an item in more than one colour.  The answer to that question was (and is) a resounding no.  I have never been asked whether I ever regretted not buying an item in more than one colour.  The answer to that question would be yes.  This sweater is an example.  I would love to have this sweater in at least grey if not also in natural.

sweater: H&M, last season
scarf: JCrew
dress: H&M, old
leggings: Old Navy, old
socks: ?
boots: Fluevog

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