Friday, April 9, 2010

Blue Day

Today was a blue day in more ways than one.  First, it was a Friday, the (second) day of the monthly colour challenge, so I was "obliged" to wear blue (this month's colour).  So far, the challenge this month is turning out to be ... quite challenging.  I don't know if it has been that I don't seem to have a lot of blue clothing, that the blue clothing that I do have doesn't seem to be the right blue clothing (I seem to have blue clothing suitable for Winter and blue clothing suitable for Summer, but no other type of blue clothing, and the weather on the two Fridays so far has been neither Winter nor Summer weather) or that blue has never really been a favourite colour for clothing.  Whatever the reason, I am finding it difficult to dress in blue.  The second way in which today was a blue day is this:  After a day of not being in a funk, I found myself back there again.  I need to get out of this space that I am in!  Or I am going to have to start planning outfits for funk days, because it is just taking more and more time to decide what to wear on each successive morning that I wake up in a funk.  While I can start putting an outfit together, the creative energy seems to run out before I can complete it.  I then abandon the outfit and move on to try to put together another one, only to have the inability to complete the new outfit repeated.  And, so on.  And, so on.  This isn't any fun at all!  And, I expect to have fun getting dressed!

shirt: TNT, last season
skirt: H&M, old
sweater: Mendocino, last season
tights: ?
boots: Frye (from Get Outside)
pin: Trove

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