Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Look at the Boots ... I Had No Idea!

When I wrote about the Fluevog Calamity boots yesterday and hinted that they might appear on me, I had no idea that they would appear on me so soon.  But, here they are.  I am, in some respects, a cautious individual (which is why I said yesterday that the boots might, or might not, appear on me), so I won't declare the high-heel ankle boot experiment a success just yet.  I think further trials are required before that can happen.  Leaving that aside, it was still a happy day because it didn't feel wrong wearing the Calamity boots!  Today was a happy day for another reason.  Today, I managed to appease some of the jealousy that I have been feeling towards the bloggers who have been wearing Spring frocks.  The temperature was in the mid-teens celsius this afternoon, so I was able to wear a light wool (if not a cotton) frock.  I will just ignore the two sweaters that I had to wear to ward off the early morning and late evening chills.

coat: Urban Outfitters, old
beret: ?
gloves: ?
dress: Zara, old
black cardigan: Banana Republic, old
wrap sweater: H&M, old
tights: H&M, old
boots: Fluevog
pin: ?

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