Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Little Bit of Effort

shirt: Old Navy, old
sweater: Banana Republic, old
skirt: American Apparel
belt: H&M, old
leggings: Lululemon, old
socks: ?
boots: Fluevog

Last weekend I asked myself whether I should be making more of an effort in pulling an outfit together for the weekend (meaning, whether I should be less casual in my dress).  So, this weekend, I made a little bit of an effort.  Just a teensy, tiny bit of effort ... on Saturday.  Even then, I still ended up wearing leggings and my skirt was made of sweatshirt material.  On Sunday, I could no longer sustain the effort.  On a brighter note, based on Saturday's outing of the Calamity boots, I think that I am ready to declare the high heel ankle boot experiment a success!

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