Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lessons Learned

One of my hopes when I started this blog was that I might come to understand why I don't like (okay, let's be blunt, hate) certain of my clothing choices.  I think that I am realizing this hope.  Today, for example, it suddenly came to me that when I pair a light knit turtleneck with anything, a skirt, pants or a jumper, I don't seem to be happy with the result.  So, do I hate light knit turtlenecks?  I don't think so.  I think that my unhappiness with light knit turtlenecks has nothing to do with them in the abstract.  I think that it has to do with where I am at the moment "stylistically" and how they fit in.  If I am to be "true" to the clothing themes that I am working with right now (e.g., the "Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing"), light knit turtlenecks just don't fit in, in my mind.  A while ago, when I was sporting the 60s mod look, light knit turtlenecks worked very well (which is probably why I have a multitude of them in a variety of colours).  But they don't work with my present themes.  Shirts and blouses work better.  So, what have I learned?  If I hope to achieve stylistic happiness, I should be true to my clothing themes.  And, in the case of light knit turtlenecks, I should stay away from them (for the moment).  The outfit I first put on this morning wasn't the one that I ended up wearing.  The outfit I first put on this morning was a light knit turtleneck paired with a jumper.  I wasn't happy at all.  But, when I changed into the outfit I finally ended up wearing, I was much happier, probably a hundred times happier.  Lesson learned!

coat: H&M, old
scarf: JCrew
shirt: Gap, old
jumper: H&M, old
sweater: TNT
tights: ?
boots: Fluevog
pin: ?

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