Thursday, March 18, 2010

It May Take More Than One Pair

coat: H&M, old
scarf: JCrew
shirt: TNT
jumper: H&M, old
sweater: JCrew
leggings: American Apparel, old
socks: ?
boots: Frye (from Get Outside)

The boots that I am wearing today are another pair that I bought as possible replacements for my old favourites.  The heel height and shape of this pair of boots is similar to the heel height and shape of my old favourites.  These boots, however, are grey; my old favourites are black.  And, the top of the boot is different.  This morning, when I was deciding whether to wear these boots or the black Calamity boots (I would have been happy in either pair, which, curiously, made choosing a pair that much more difficult), it occurred to me that it may well take more than two pairs of boots to replace fully the old favourites.  They just seemed to work with everything that I wanted to wear, whereas I can't quite see either the Calamity boots or these boots (as much as I love both of them) doing that.  I think that I may have just had an "Eureka" moment!  Which means I can officially stop looking for a single pair of boots to replace the old favourites.  Wow! Is this another learning moment for me resulting from my doing this blog?

Since I am talking about boots, it seems like the perfect opportunity to talk about a pair a boots that I have wanted to get my hands on for awhile now.  They are Frye boots.  Sadly, I can't order them online because Frye does not ship to where I live.  Equally sadly, I can't seem to locate a store in the city where I live that carries this style of Frye boots.  I am crossing my fingers that I won't be destined to go without these boots forever.  Of course, I may just completely forget about them in time, which I think I will be fine with too.

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